Humpback Whales of Tonga



Our expedition to free dive with the gentle, wild humpback whales in Tonga is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You can get close to wild humpback whales. Therefore, we think you’ll love this epic adventure.  You will be travelling to Tonga at the best time of year to see the migrating wild humpback whales. During this time the whales are nursing and raising their calves. As a result of them being super curious like a toddler, the two-month-old calves, will also probably be willing to interact with you.

As we want to keep the experience respectful and intimate, our expedition is limited to 6 guests per week.   Small groups also enhance filming/photographic opportunities and one-on-one interactions with the wild humpback whales.

An experienced and charismatic expedition guide will lead you. Our expert team will be assisting you with camera/video settings. We will ensure that you capture the best visuals of wild humpback whales that you possibly can.

There are so many things to look forward to that it’s hard for us to limit them to three, but to us, the top things you will view are:

  1. When the mother wild humpback whale and her calf breach (jump) out of the water.  Humpbacks breach to communicate and dislodge parasites, but also for playfulness.
  2. The symphonic and unforgettable sound of a male singing to attract an available female.
  3. The chance to witness the incredible phenomenon dubbed the ‘love’run’. The love run is the effort of several male wild humpback whales all fighting for a female. As a result, you’ll see head slaps, explosive underwater blows and tail slaps as the males try to scare each other off.

You shouldn’t miss out on this adventure. Don’t wait! Make your reservations today for 2018.

Dates 2018:

Group 1: August 26-September 2

Group 2: September 2-9

Group 3: September 9-16

Dates 2019: TBC

Group Size: 8 per week
Temp Water: 78 – 84° F (25 – 28° C)
Temp Land: 82 – 90° F (27 – 32° C)
Price: $6,000 per person based on double occupancy, this does not include air-fares
Registration:  2017 was a bumper year in Tonga, and 2018 is expected to be even better as the humpback numbers increase due to improved global protection. These trips sell out fast. Please make your reservations today for 2018!


  • 7 x nights accommodation – sharing
  • 8 x days meals
  • 6 x days humpback expeditions
  • 1 x intro to freediving course
  • Daily crossfit and yoga classes
  • Daily tuition in underwater photography


  • International transport
  • Underwater cameras
  • Additional drinks 
  • Meals and catering


Adult – 6,000 USD


Fiona Ayerst

Fiona profile

Fiona Ayerst is a renowned underwater photo-journalist. Fiona will be offering free tuition in underwater photography and visual storytelling. Fiona guides snorkelling trips and free diving on the Sardine Run in her home country, South Africa, and her experience will ensure you get 100% satisfaction from your trip.

Sophie Roselt-Hemstalk

Sophie profile

Sophie Roselt-Hemstalk is a PADI SCUBA diving instructor and professional marine guide. Sophie has a bubbly charm and deep knowledge of, and love for cetaceans. Her passion for people and the sea, added to her previous work experience in Tonga make her the perfect source of knowledge,  for all guests on our expedition.

Steve Hemstalk

Steve Profile

Steve is a qualified vessel captain and SCUBA instructor. He has had over ten years experience guiding dives and marine expeditions throughout the South Pacific and has a keen mind and broad knowledge of all things oceanic. As a cross fit instructor, Steve will also be offering guidance on free diving and snorkelling.

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Profile

Ryan Johnson is a marine scientist and wildlife filmmaker.  Ryan has spent the past fifteen years researching great white sharks in South Africa, and other shark species globally. Ryan will be offering guests academic insights into the lives of humpback whales and other oceanic creatures you will encounter on the expedition. 

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