Tips for beginner scuba divers

Watch: Important tips for beginner SCUBA divers

Embarking on the journey to become a professional SCUBA diver can be daunting. This is especially true if you’ve only started out as a diver! Being a SCUBA diver is a commitment. You need to dive regularly, keep to certain health and fitness requirements, and get to know the art of handling yourself underwater. Under the water might not be where humans are supposed to live, but it can quickly become your second home once you commit to SCUBA diving.

Everyone needs to start somewhere. For some helpful tips for beginner SCUBA divers, watch the video below by Mark Newman from Simply Scuba. He gives some valuable, practical advice for when you don’t have much experience in diving – yet!

Simply Scuba shares some valuable advice on what new, beginner SCUBA divers should keep in mind during a dive. If you’re at the start of your scuba diving career and considering taking it further, check out the SCUBA Professionals Internship at Blue Wilderness. You don’t even need to be a qualified diver yet – Blue Wilderness will help you out with that.

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