Pros and cons of being a SCUBA Divemaster

The pros and cons of becoming a SCUBA Divemaster

Being a SCUBA Divemaster is one of those jobs that could make your friends jealous. Especially those who work in an office from 8 to 5 every day). If you’ve decided to become a SCUBA diving professional, becoming a Divemaster is what you need to do! However, it’s always best to have all the info about a career before making a choice. Here are the pros and cons of being a SCUBA Divemaster. This guide will help you decide if you want to commit to this exciting, but challenging, life.

Cons of being a Divemaster

It costs a lot to become a Divemaster

The training and certification cost to become a Divemaster is no small matter. It’s an expensive undertaking. However, once you have it, you don’t have to pay for it ever again. Being a Divemaster means you’re a regular diver anyway. So, after getting your certification, you don’t have to pay for a refresher course.

Long hours

To make a dive worthwhile, you can’t just spend two minutes underwater. As a Divemaster, you’ll be spending lots of hours diving, along with teaching and helping other divers. Apart from the diving hours, you’ll have to do some office work as well. These long working hours often takes away a lot of your free time. Although some people prefer diving to all other activities, not everyone is up for the hours that being a Divemaster requires.

No massive income 

Your salary as a Divemaster won’t be massive. The amount you earn will depend on the SCUBA dive shop you work at and the local salary guidelines. Just in case, be prepared for the fact that you probably won’t get rich from being a SCUBA Divemaster.

Heavy responsibilites

Even while training as a Divemaster, you’ll have to learn how to work in a team. Also, you’ll have to handle different types of personalities in the work environment. You’ll have lots of responsibilities as a Divemaster. This includes taking care of other divers’ health and training. You also need to expect that, in your higher profession as a Divemaster, you’ll have to be open for criticism on your handling of the job. 

Pros of being a Divemaster

Opportunity to travel

As a Divemaster, you could travel to virtually any location in the world to work in a dive shop. Besides, what diver has ever explored only their own country’s dive sites? You will have extended knowledge about the best diving spots in the world as a Divemaster. It’s a job that can take you everywhere in the world. While working in a dive shop, you’ll also have the chance to learn all about new cultures and environments. 

You become an expert

And it’s something you love! As a Divemaster, you’ve basically reached the highest qualification in pro diving. You’ll have a very valuable skill set as well. To become a Divemaster, you already need at least 40 dives in your logbook. You also need certification as a Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder. This means that you’re that one step above the rest in valuable skills and expertise. 

Free dives

This is, of course, a given! As a Divemaster at a SCUBA shop, you’ll be able to go on free dives and add them to your logbook. This has many benefits. It will, for instance, enable you to visit dive sites reserved for experienced divers only.

You get paid to do what you love

What better job could there be? Getting money to dive all day, spend time underwater with amazing marine life? This is one of the big pros of being a SCUBA Divemaster. Though it’s not going to be a massive salary, you’ll still be able to make a decent living as a Divemaster. And you’ll get to do what you love every day!

As you can see from this list, there are certainly some challenges in the life of a Divemaster. However, the pros of being a SCUBA Divemaster clearly outweigh the cons! If you’d like to start your journey to becoming a SCUBA professional, take a look at the SCUBA Professionals Internship at Blue Wilderness.

In South Africa, the two most renowned coral reef dive locations are Sodwana Bay and Aliwal Shoal. Here you will find professional SCUBA diving operations, such as Blue Wilderness, that specialist in both client based SCUBA trips and SCUBA training. At Blue Wilderness, we run a 6 month internship program to take aspiring SCUBA professionals from the non-qualified level to an experienced dive master with speciality training in underwater photography, citizen science, underwater videography and shark diving. This program is a great way to quickly gain the qualifications and skills to build a career as a SCUBA diving professional and open up all the possibilities of a career of fun, travel, passion and adventure. 

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