Tips for beginner scuba divers

Watch: Important tips for beginner SCUBA divers

Pros and cons of being a SCUBA Divemaster

The pros and cons of becoming a SCUBA Divemaster

This guide will help you decide if you want to commit to the exciting, but challenging, life of a SCUBA Divemaster.
Skills you need to become a scuba dive instructor

Skills you need to become a professional SCUBA dive instructor

It takes much more than just a scuba qualification to become a professional scuba diver. Take a look at these essential skills you need to become a dive instructor.

SCUBA Pro interview – Katt Andryskova – day in the life of a SCUBA diver instructor

Katt Andryskova is an ever-curious adventurer and environmentalist. Learn from Katt what it takes to be a top class SCUBA instructor.

SCUBA Pro interview – Szilvia Gogh – Being an underwater stunt woman

Szilvia Gogh works as an underwater stuntwoman in Hollywood, California. She is a highly experienced scuba diver who has worked on many films and TV shows. Hear what she has to say about the exciting…

SCUBA Pro interview – Forrest Lee – A day in a life of dive master trainee

An awesome insightful vlog by Dive Master Trainee Lachy Keevers as he prepares to take a group of clients diving in the Philippines from a stunning livaboard

SCUBA Pro interview – Micheal Bishop – Confession of a SCUBA instructor

"Forgive me father I need to confess, Honesty time people, and I mean true honesty because right now the little voice in the back of my Instructor's brain is telling me to stop writing this…

SCUBA Pro interview – Ally Kiyomi Goddard- SCUBA dive master in Thailand

Follow the day in a life of dive instructor Ally Goddard as she travels Thailand, joins a livaboard, meets new guests and explores some incredible underwater reefs.

SCUBA Pro interview – Karen Praxel – SCUBA diving instructor

Karen Praxel is a scuba instructor in Los Angeles, California. She has been diving for many years and loves to teach diving.

How becoming a SCUBA Dive master could benefit you

The life of a dive master is exciting, fun, and endlessly fascinating – but it’s not always easy. As a job that demands physical fitness, mental strength, and emotional resilience, it can also be very…