Shark SCUBA Dive

Are you ready to descend into the world of sharks on a SCUBA dive? Then slip into the water and come for a Shark Dive at Durban’s Aliwal Shoal for an encounter of a lifetime! Drift along with upwards of 20 blacktip sharks on a baited shark scuba trip

Floating weightless on a drift shark dive surrounded by upwards of 20 blacktip sharks may be viewed by the uninitiated as a nightmare! But we know that for SCUBA divers, this is the stuff of dreams! At our dive site, we love nothing more than drifting along with our guests, taking in all the antics of the blacktip sharks flocking around us.

On this dive, we typically descend down to between 4 and 8m, drifting over the shoal. This allows us to enjoy the fish life of the shoal below us, and the sharks all around us. Your shark Dive at Durban’s Aliwal Shoal often lasts upwards of an hour (for some reason its hard to get you guys back onto the boat !). The shallow depth we drift at, allows us to use our air sparingly.

After your Shark Dive at Aliwal Shoal, when we are all satiated and happy, it is a quick trip back to the Blue Wilderness Shark Centre, where we treat you to hot showers, light snacks and refreshments, and all the comforts you need sit back, put your feet up and relax. It’s time to reminisce about your Shark Diving Aliwal Shoal adventure.


  • Be fitted for SCUBA equipment.
  • Receive briefing on safety and shark dive.


  • Load into our transport and drive (2 mins) to launch site.
  • Receive briefing on launching procedure.
  • Launch through the surf on an exciting surf launch.


  • 60 minute shark SCUBA dive


  • Return to Blue Wilderness base.
  • Enjoy showers and warm towels.
  • Depart for home.


  • 40-60 min shark diving (in water)
  • Professional shark/dive guide
  • Hard & Soft SCUBA kit
  • Hot showers
  • MPA SCUBA diving permit


  • Expedition video of shark dive


Blue Wilderness prides itself in many years of impeccable client service and support. Please inquire about this shark adventure to experience the incredible sharks of Aliwal Shoal

Why choose Blue Wilderness


We pioneered shark diving on Durban’s Aliwal Shoal. Numerous international documentaries feature our work including shows on National Geographic and Discovery channels.

Tailor made

Our trips are for novices or experts alike! From shark cage diving, shark snorkeling, baited shark SCUBA dives and SCUBA training and expeditions, we ensure that your shark adventure is at your personal comfort level


We boast a 100% safety record. Our ‘no touch’ policy ensures that neither our guests or guides harass any of the sharks during our shark adventures. This means you stay safe and our sharks are respected!


Blue Wilderness gives back! Daily we collect standardised research data on our shark cage diving  and SCUBA diving trips. We ensure our expeditions help produce knowledge about the sharks of Durban’s Aliwal Shoal.


Our purpose is to conserve sharks through education, entertainment and excitement on our shark adventures. Our expeditions are aimed at turning guests into ambassadors for shark conservation.


Each Blue Wilderness Shark cage diving expedition is limited to 9 shark adventurers! So you can be assured that our guides, skippers and hosts will give you a personal and exciting shark expedition every time.

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