Blue Wilderness is a specialist logistics and fixing partner to media producers and publishers seeking logistical support for marine projects throughout Southern Africa. Our services include:


Blue Wilderness is fully equipped to service any film crew when it comes to the marine environment. From production logistics to cinematography , we are your one stop shop. We have boats and experienced skippers that have worked with film crews for many years and they know what is needed from them to get the shots.


  • Pre production support
  • Cameramen (Topside and UW)
  • Boat skippers
  • Onscreen experts
  • Safety divers
  • Camera assistants
  • Production logistics fixing
  • Practical planning support
  • Gadget engineering support


  • 2 x 8m rubber ducks
  • 1 x shark cage
  • 1 x Sony Fs7 with uw housing
  • 2 x HVX200P (with housings)
  • 2 x Agar masks with comms
  • SCUBA Equipment
  • Open Submersible
  • Multiple Gopro
  • Phantom 4 Drone


Blue Wilderness is humbled by the opportunity we have been afforded to work with many of the worlds top producers and media experts. Here is a quick review of some of the productions that we have been able to contribute to through providing marine logistics, hosting services, and expert guiding

Shark Wranglers

Shark wranglers was a groundbreaking 10 part series commissioned by History channel and produced by Fischer Productions. In a project that conducted the single largest shark research program in history, Blue Wilderness owner, Ryan Johnson played a crucial role as chief scientist on the OCEARCH expedition


This documentary was produced for National Geographic by producer ‘Obsessively creative‘. The shows follows Blue Wilderness owner, Ryan Johnson, on a 6 year study into the night time hunting behaviour of great white sharks at Mossel Bay, South Africa.

Greatest Shoal on Earth

The greatest shoal on earth was produced by Aquavision for BBC. This production set the scene for the modern day sardine run expedition. Led by Blue Wilderness’s former owner, Mark Addison, the Aquavision crew successfully chased, located and filmed the sardine run of South Africa.

Shark Wranglers

Due to Blue Wilderness’s reputation for providing media logistics to underwater videographers, we were fortunate to host a number of BBC crews during the filming of the esteemed BBC series ‘The Blue Planet’

Squid vs Whale

Not all documentaries we work on are in South Africa. In ‘Squid vs Whale’ Blue Wilderness owner Ryan Johnson join producer ‘Off the fence’, to lead a National Geographic expedition to the Sea of Cortex. Their aim was to film a Sperm whale hunting humbolt squids at a depth of over 400m.

Shark Attack Experiment

In Blue Wilderness’s greatest medial logistics challenge, the team, including Mark Addision and Ryan Johnson, provided logistics and hosted a ground breaking two-hour live special for National Geographic Wild. The team performed experiments live on TV, aiming at dispelling many myths on why sharks attack humans

Shark Tribe

Working with Discovery Channel and producers Triosphere, Ryan Johnson joined up with Dave Salmoni on this expedition to Papua New Guinea. Our goal was to document and study the ancient art of ‘shark calling’ by the local indigenous tribes.

Due to Blue Wilderness’s reputation for providing media logistics to underwater videographers, we were fortunate to host a number of BBC crews during the filming of the esteemed BBC series ‘The Blue Planet’

Dive to Tiger Central

Former owner of Blue Wilderness, Mark Addison, highlighted his incredible ability to swim with and study the Tiger Sharks of Aliwal Shoal. Produced by Aquavision for National Geographic, this documentary was central to establishing the reputation of Aliwal Shoal as a shark diving hotspot.

Into the Shark Bite

This show was produced for Discovery channels famed ‘shark week‘. Mark Addison teamed up with renowned shark videographer Andy Casagrande to take ‘gopro’s’ into the middle of feeding sharks for an unprecedented up close and personal view.

Need a scientific expert?

The Shark Research Unit is a subsidiary of Blue Wilderness. Scientists and conservationists at the unit conduct our dedicated research, education and conservation campaigns. Visit the units site to connect with the experts and learn more about their work. 

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