Describing the Tiger sharks cobalt-blue stripes fading gradually into fractional silver, hardly does justice to this mesmerising fish. The skin of a tiger shark is one of the most appealing sights in the ocean. 

At world famous Aliwal Shoal, in Umkomaas near Durban,  you can SCUBA dive with the charismatic tiger sharks and see their blue-silver stripes for yourself. Seeing a tiger shark sliding silently past you shimmering in the filtering sun rays and the blue water, is the main goal of this baited tiger shark dive with Blue Wilderness.  During this shark diving activity you’ll be on a shallow SCUBA dive, drifting along just under the surface watching the sharks as they glide effortlessly, dorsal fins slicing the water. 

Relax and allow our team to look after you, thereby ensuring that you have the adventure of a lifetime. Here’s a small tip- something  that you can look out for- the eyes of a tiger shark are the prettiest of all sharks. One look into the huge dark eyes of a a tiger shark and you’ll be mesmerised and hooked!



  • Briefing on Tiger shark ecology & research
  • 1-tank baited Tiger shark drift dive 
  • Professional shark/dive guide 
  • Hard & Soft SCUBA kit
  • Hot showers 
  • MPA SCUBA diving permit


  • Expedition video of shark dive (R425/group)


  • Be fitted for SCUBA equipment.
  • Receive briefing on shark dive and Tiger shark ecology.


  • Load into our transport and drive (2mins) to launch site.
  • Receive briefing on launching procedure.
  • Launch through the surf on an exciting surf launch.


  • 30 – 90 minutes surface chumming to attract Tiger Sharks
  • 1 tank drift SCUBA dive with Tiger and blacktip sharks


  • Return to Blue Wilderness base.
  • Enjoy showers and warm towels.
  • Depart for home.

Trip costs

Adults – R1850

**Sightings not guaranteed**

Why join Blue Wilderness


Our maximum group size is nine. This ensure small, fun and personal shark diving trips


We cater to your comfort levels. Shark cage diving, cageless snorkeling or SCUBA diving – it is your choice. 


We don’t touch sharks, they don’t touch us. Respecting wildlife ensures a safe and enjoyable shark dive


We give back. Daily we collect vital citizen science shark data to aid in shark conservation and awareness


From owner to crew, Blue Wilderness is home to many of South Africa’s top shark experts and guides. 


Since 1995, Blue wilderness has been at the forefront of developing shark dives and adventures on Durban’s Aliwal Shoal.

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