Raggedtooth Shark dive

Ragged-tooth sharks are also called sand-tigers. Ragged tooth sharks spend a lot of time patrolling the shallow reefs around Durban and Aliwal shoal, close to the sandy bottom the sharks rub their bodies on the sandy bottom to dislodge parasites and perhaps this could explain their alternate name? The Blue Wilderness team will get you up close and personal with ragged tooth sharks on a dive to the world famous ‘Raggie cave’. Here you can wait in mid-water outside the cave, so as not disturb the ragged tooth sharks. Most times, on the dive, you will view up to 12 sharks patrolling back and forth along the length of this long gash of a cave, as it slices sideways into the reef. 

Ragged tooth sharks are very docile and are sometimes dubbed ‘tadpoles with teeth’ for their lackadaisical attitude to divers.  This SCUBA dive is best done on the Aliwal Shoal during the winter months from June to September. During this time, the male ragged tooth sharks hang around like a rash, all over the reef,  waiting for females to arrive so that a mating-fest can take place.  SCUBA divers can come across multiple sharks at various places on their dive on the Aliwal Shoal.


  • Be fitted for SCUBA equipment.
  • Receive briefing on shark dive and ragged tooth shark ecology.


  • Load into our transport and drive (2mins) to launch site.
  • Receive briefing on launching procedure.
  • Launch through the surf on an exciting surf launch.


  • 1 tank shark SCUBA dive to Raggie Cave


  • Return to Blue Wilderness base.
  • Enjoy showers and warm towels.
  • Depart for home.


  • Briefing on Ragged tooth shark ecology & research
  • 1-tank SCUBA to Raggie Cave
  • Professional shark/dive guide
  • Hard & Soft SCUBA kit
  • Hot showers
  • MPA SCUBA diving permit


  • Expedition video of shark dive (R425/group)



Blue Wilderness prides itself in many years of impeccable client service and support. Due to the pandemic, we cannot offer you the same level of service and we are temporarily suspending this shark adventure offering. There are other such trips on offer at the Aliwal Shoal and this incredible encounter with sharks is not to be missed, just because of us! Please click this button and you’ll be teleported over to a service provider we know and trust.

Why choose Blue Wilderness


We pioneered shark diving on Durban’s Aliwal Shoal. Numerous international documentaries feature our work including shows on National Geographic and Discovery channels.

Tailor made

Our trips are for novices or experts alike! From shark cage diving, shark snorkeling, baited shark SCUBA dives and SCUBA training and expeditions, we ensure that your shark adventure is at your personal comfort level


We boast a 100% safety record. Our ‘no touch’ policy ensures that neither our guests or guides harass any of the sharks during our shark adventures. This means you stay safe and our sharks are respected!


Blue Wilderness gives back! Daily we collect standardised research data on our shark cage diving  and SCUBA diving trips. We ensure our expeditions help produce knowledge about the sharks of Durban’s Aliwal Shoal.


Our purpose is to conserve sharks through education, entertainment and excitement on our shark adventures. Our expeditions are aimed at turning guests into ambassadors for shark conservation.


Each Blue Wilderness Shark cage diving expedition is limited to 9 shark adventurers! So you can be assured that our guides, skippers and hosts will give you a personal and exciting shark expedition every time.