SCUBA development internship program – dive experience

Phase 3 of the training program is when you gain the skills and knowledge that will set you apart from other dive masters. Spend 1 to 3 months living, working, diving and assisting in running Blue Wilderness. Immerse your self in the life of a divemaster and dive center employee.

In addition to gaining extensive work experience as a dive professional, you will gain further qualifications thats sets yourself apart from your peers. Be introduced to underwater videography and underwater photography, and gain entry level qualifications in these fields as well as build a portfolio to showcase your abilities. Further, master the skills as a shark diver, and become an expert in one of the fastest growing niches within the SCUBA diving market.

The Diving

Aliwal Shoal is one of the best training areas in the country due to its diversity of conditions and marine wildlife.  You will be exposed to dynamic diving conditions with varying currents, temperatures and visibilities. The diversity of marine life on Aliwal Shoal is unmatched throughout Southern Africa. The shoal is abundant with sharks, whales, rays, fish, turtles, nudibranchs and much more.

The Lifestyle

Life on the diver experience phase is based around morning diving, shark expeditions and assisting in training students and interns. Afternoons are focused on workshops and career training / experience in running a dive centre. Evenings and some weekends will give you lots of opportunities to experience the local culture, attend fun social evenings, join excursions to nearby game parks & socialise with other students while working with the Blue Wilderness team.

Board & Accommodation

All interns are housed at the Blue Wilderness Shark Centre. This is a purpose built training and living facility nestled opposite Scottburgh beach on Durban’s South Coast. At the shark centre, you will share the accommodation with like-minded and passionate students partaking in various training programs including underwater photography, underwater videography and our shark development program. At the shark centre, you can enjoy high speed internet, three basic meals, and single sex dorm rooms. Learn more about the shark centre here

Program dates

  • 1st Feb – 30th Mar
  • 1st Apr – 30th May
  • 1st Jun – 30th Jul
  • 1st Aug – 30th Sep
  • 1st Oct – 30th Nov


  • Medically fit for SCUBA
  • Minimum age of 18


  • Blacktip shark speciality 
  • Ragged tooth shark specialty 
  • Underwater videography 
  • Underwater photography
  • 20 – 60 dives
  • Tuition & Training
  • SCUBA gear
  • Dorm Accommodation
  • Basic meals
  • Internet


  • International flights
  • Local travel
  • Laundry
  • Diver Insurance
  • Dive Computer 

Phase 3 - Qualifications

Why join our SCUBA training program?

PADI Certification

PADI is the global leader in diver training and your qualifications will be recognised worldwide. Having a PADI qualification opens up an entire world of diving adventures for industry professionals. 

Top rated

We are Durban’s top rated SCUBA training & diving company (see our 800 reviews on TripAdvisor). This professionalism will be passed onto you, ensuring you are a highly competent diving pro.

Aliwal Shoal

Become a SCUBA diving professional on this world renowned & loved reef,  set in a marine protected area. Build your passion whilst enjoying all that Aliwal Shoal’s underwater world has to offer.


Blue Wilderness instructors are some of the most experienced divers in the region. Our training exceeds those required by PADI’s international standards. Our professionalism will be passed onto you, ensuring that you adopt our high level of professionalism and competency. 


Our SCUBA and freediving gear is either new or fully serviced. We ensure that each and every student trains and dives in top quality kit that can be fully relied upon. As part of our program, you will also become skilled in maintaining and servicing your SCUBA kit. 

Shark Specialists

Be the shark! Not only will you develop excellent SCUBA diving skills to a professional level, but you will also become a skilled shark diver and guide. Shark diving is one of the fastest growing dive industries, and your resume´ will stand out with your extensive shark diving skills

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