SCUBA development training program

Have you ever considered becoming a PADI SCUBA professional as your path to a new adventurous outdoors career? How about embarking upon a gap year of new experiences? Open opportunities to travel the world as a scuba diving professional. It’s a great career to make new friends, explore new countries and have the greatest office in the world.

Our SCUBA professional training program is flexible so you can join in at the phase that suits your experience level. The training part of the program covers 4 to 6 months, from complete novice to experienced Dive Master.

At a glance - your training timeline

Choose your program phase

Phase 1.


Duration: 2 months

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Spend 2 months experiencing, living and diving at the world renowned, Aliwal Shoal, South Africa. In these beginning months, we will take you from the PADI Open Water Course, through to Rescue Diver, along with completing 2 x PADI Specialty courses. In total you can expect to log around 40 dives during this phase.

Phase 2.


Duration: 1 month


Take your SCUBA diving to a professional level, and watch opportunities for  a career in diving open up to you. Over the month, you will learn what it takes to become a dive professional, since you will learn how to guide dives, assist our PADI Open Water Instructors and conduct PADI programs, such as a PADI Scuba Review.

Phase 3. 


Duration: 1 – 3 months

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You are now a PADI Dive Master – congratulations!  Finish your SCUBA professional training program by gaining practical experience in leading scuba dives, leading our shark swimming and cage diving expeditions, assisting our instructors and working as a dive professional with the Blue Wilderness SCUBA team. Set your CV above the rest

Why join our SCUBA program?

PADI Certification

PADI is the global leader in diver training and your qualifications will be recognised worldwide. Having a PADI qualification opens up an entire world of diving adventures for industry professionals. 

Top rated

We are Durban’s top rated SCUBA training & diving company (see our 800 reviews on TripAdvisor). The professionalism will be passed onto you, ensuring you are a highly competent diving pro. 

Aliwal Shoal

Become a SCUBA diving professional on this world renowned and loved reef,  set in a marine protected area. Build your passion, whilst enjoying all that the Aliwal Shoal underwater world has to offer.


Blue Wilderness instructors are some of the most experienced divers in the region. Our training exceeds those required by PADI’s international standards. Our professionalism will be passed onto you, ensuring that you adopt our high level of professionalism and competency. 


Our SCUBA and freediving gear is either new or fully serviced. We ensure that each and every student trains and dives in top quality kit that can be fully relied upon. As part of our program, you will also become skilled in maintaining and servicing your SCUBA kit. 

Shark Specialists

Be the shark! Not only will you develop excellent SCUBA diving skills to a professional level, but you will also become a skilled shark diver and guide. Shark diving is one of the fastest growing dive industries, and your resume´ will stand out with your extensive shark diving skills

Becoming a SCUBA professional



Travel the world as a PADI SCUBA diving professional

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