We love sharing our sharky adventures! Today we are launching our very own UTube channel that showcases our daily shark adventures in Durban and around South Africa. To view our entire channel click here: View Blue Wilderness Channel . We also must give a big shout out to our extraordinary videographers, in particular Jamie, who brings each

We love it when our guests report on their experience with us here at Blue Wilderness. recently we hosted Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown from SCUBAverse. She had such a wonderful experience with us, we made it into her top rated snorkelling adventures from around the world. Check out here blog below, or visit SCUBAverse to

Whilst we ‘sometimes’ tell you how wonderful the Blue Wilderness team is, it is even better to hear it from outside. One of Durban’s most active and read blogs – highlighting ‘all things fun, fabulous and fantastically Durban!’ recently put together its list of ‘must do’ Durban activities for this summer. Guess who got number one –

The legend himself, David ‘ the Hoff’ Hasselhoff at Blue Wilderness coming to join us on a Tiger shark dive at the world famous Aliwal Shoal. So great when someone like David takes time out for his passion of marine and shark conservation.

Since 1990 Blue Wilderness (named African Watersports prior to 97) has pioneered shark diving and marine predator encounters throughout Southern Africa. The team, lead by legendary diver, Mark Addison and his wife Gail has redefined the limits in how we humans believe we can interact with the oceans greatest predators . As such, Blue Wilderness