6 jobs for South African SCUBA diving professionals

Searching for a career not stuck behind a desk or requiring a university degree? Below are some of the top career options for professional South African scuba divers. Most, but not all, require a Divemaster scuba certification. By becoming a PADI Professional you’ll always have the ability to develop a professional career that combines fun, adventure, enjoyment and pay! Below are 6 of the top careers that professional SCUBA divers can venture into.

#1 Dive Guide or Dive Instructor

A PADI Divemaster or Instructor certification is one of the best ways to say adios to office life and aloha to new friends and amazing adventures. Whether you work on a liveaboard, travel the world working at different resorts, or in your local waters to home, you’ll make life-long friends and have experiences you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

#2 Dive Shop Owner or Manager

Experience in marketing and/or retail sales is highly-valued in the dive industry. Many scuba operations are run by people who love diving but aren’t, for example, experts in PPC marketing or retail design. If you’re passionate about scuba diving, but not yet a divemaster or instructor, then managing a dive shop can be a great place to start.

#3 Boat Captain

A captain’s license opens many doors – in the scuba industry and elsewhere. Many of the world’s best dive sites can only be accessed by boat, so dive instructor boat captains are highly sought after. 

#4 Underwater videographer or photographer

Work as an underwater videographer can be varied and extensive. From producing expedition videos for tourism clients, to traveling the world as part of an professional documentary film crew, gaining skills in both SCUBA diving and videography is a sure fire way to build a career as a professional SCUBA diver. As part of the Blue Wilderness SCUBA professionals internship, we introduce you to the incredible world of underwater videography with our partners Africa Media Academy. 

#5 Scientific Diving and Marine Biology

Scientific diving is an umbrella term for many different jobs. Some divers help ensure the quality of our drinking water, others investigate invasive species or conduct biological surveys. Marine biologists research underwater life and sometimes discover new critters. At the Blue Wilderness Shark Research Unit, scientific divers play an important role in assisting our scientists to collect valuable data. 

#6 Archeology

If you love history have the time and money to invest in an advanced degree (not to mention great buoyancy), underwater archeology might be for you. Learn how a rebreather certification and/or PADI instructor certification can give you a leg up in this competitive field.

If you’ve ever thought about doing what you love for a living, traveling the world as a SCUBA professional, then contact the blue wilderness diver professional internship program and to learn more about becoming a PADI Professional. Simply becoming a PADI Pro offers many benefits, even if you decide not to pursue diving as a full-time career.

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