Shark Schleb

So why am I up first? Because around here, sharks come first! I know it, the crew knows it, and after your trip with us – you will know it to! I am supposed to write a job description here so here goes… I swim around and around you looking absolutely amazing and fantastic… job done!

Ryan Johnson

Guide & Marine Biologist

Ryan is a renowned shark biologist originally from New Zealand. His reputation was built on 15 years of research into the hidden lives of great white sharks. His research and desire to explore and understand the marine world has resulted in him leading numerous documentary expeditions for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel throughout the world.

Odette Williams

Manager & Dive Instructor

Odette brings vast experience to Blue Wilderness, having been a recognized figure to Southern Africa’s diving community for over two decades. With an unmatched passion for sharks, Odette ensures that all our shark adventurers enjoy both an exciting yet, highly educational expedition with Blue wilderness.

Marcus M’Sane

Skipper extraordinaire 

Marcus is one of South Africa most experienced sardine run / shark expedition skippers. During his 16 years experience, he has launched clients out of 12 launch sites throughout Southern Africa. His unprecedented expertise in reading both the environmental and biological indicators ensures that the Blue Wilderness team is always where the shark action is.

Muller de Jager

Guide & Shark specialist

Muller is the newest member to the Blue Wilderness. yet is one of the hardest working! As the companies primary guide on our shark cage diving and snorkeling expeditions off Aliwal Shoal, Muller typically guides our least experienced guests. He is renowned for his attention and feeling of security he generates in children and those new to the world of sharks!

Enrico Gennari Ph.D

Marine Biologist

Enrico is co-owner of Blue Wilderness and contributes through leading the research component of the company. As a passional shark academic, Enrico’s desire to learn about these elusive predators is unmatched. The citizen science data we collect is funneled to Enrico and his team at Oceans Research for analysis and academic publication.