Are you ready to descend into the world of sharks on SCUBA? then slip into the water for and come for a Shark Dive at Durban’s Aliwal Shoal for an encounter of a lifetime! Drift along with upwards of 20 blacktip sharks on a baited shark scuba trip

Floating weightless on a drift shark dive surrounded by upwards of 20 blacktip sharks may be viewed by the uninitiated as a nightmare! But we know that for SCUBA divers, this is the stuff of dreams! At our dive site, we love nothing more than drifting along with our guests, taking in all the antics of the blacktip sharks flocking around us.

On this dive, we typically descend down to between 4 and 8m, drifting over the shoal. This allows us to enjoy the fish life of the shoal below us, and the sharks all around us. Your shark Dive at Durban’s Aliwal Shoal often lasts upwards of an hour (for some reason its hard to get you guys back onto the boat !). The shallow depth we drift at, allows us to use our air sparingly.

After your Shark Dive at Aliwal Shoal, when we are all satiated and happy, it is a quick trip back to the Blue Wilderness Shark Centre, where we treat you to hot showers, a hot lunch, and all the comforts you need sit back; put your feet up and relax. It’s time to reminisce about your Shark Diving Aliwal Shoal adventure.


  • 1-hour shark diving (in water) 
  • Professional shark/dive guide 
  • Hard SCUBA kit 
  • Hot showers 
  • Post-trip lunch


  • Soft SCUBA kit (R200)
  • MPA SCUBA diving permit (R45)
  • Transport (500pp – min 2 pax)
  • Expedition video & photos (R350 / group)


  • Enjoy morning coffee or tea.
  • Be fitted for SCUBA equipment.
  • Receive briefing on safety and shark dive.


  • Load into our transport and drive (2mins) to launch site.
  • Receive briefing on launching procedure.
  • Launch through the surf on an exciting surf launch.


  • 60 minute shark SCUBA dive


  • Return to Blue Wilderness base.
  • Enjoy showers and warm towels.
  • Receive complementary lunch
  • View (with option to purchase) your expedition ‘shark dive’ video
  • Depart for home.


Trip costs

Adults – R1200



  • We love our guests, from the diving, relaxing, to telling stories around our afternoon lunch, you will find our team friendly, personal and always at hand to make your trip as special as possible!


  • We believe that eco-tourism needs to give back to the environment. We do so by collecting vital citizen science daily that feeds back to the scientists of Oceans Research. We also aim that every guests is empowered to become an ambassador for shark conservation through the information we offer during the course of each expedition.


  • In the late 90’s Blue Wilderness pioneered the shark diving on Aliwal Shoal. Though our work in hosting and facilitating the marine logistics for National Geographic documentaries including – Dive to Tiger Central, we have been at the forefront of building the Aliwal Shoal as one of the worlds most renowned shark diving locations.


  • Our shark cage diving product is one of a few options you have depending on your comfort level. Many of our guests begin inside the cage, but once feeling comfortable, they exit the cage and free swim with the sharks. At anytime, you can choose to be inside or outside of the cage! What ever you are comfortable with.


  • The Blue Wilderness team is made up of many of the countries top shark experts and scientists. Owner, Ryan Johnson has published extensive research on sharks (see here), advised government, and developed responsible management plan for sharks in South Africa. Our primary skipper, Marcus, has been leading expeditions on the shoal for over 15 years, and our guides take guests, like you, to cage diving, snorkel and SCUBA dive with the sharks or Aliwal shoal daily. Now this is true expertise!


  • Blue Wilderness recognizes that sharks are wild animals and need to be respected by both us and our clients. To ensure safety and respect for the ocean, we operate under a strict ‘no touch’ and ‘no harassment’ policy (including our guides!). This makes our trips very safe and at all times respectful to the animals that we are privileged to view and interacting with.


  • Blue Wilderness is the goto shark logistics company for many of the worlds top film crews and photographers wanting to capture images and video of the Sardine Run, we’ve hosted BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and helped produce many of the iconic shark documentaries all over Southern Africa –check them out here. There is a reason why the professionals use us – because we are the best at finding and safely allowing clients to interact with sharks